Why Branding is important

Why Branding is important

Brand awareness

Branding is more than just what you look like.  It’s an insight to who you are, what your business represents and your values. It’s how you are with your customers and how you get new customers.  Building a brand that is recognisable can be the difference between a mobile business that is in it for the cash, and one that snatches the top pitches and fast-growing profits.

No one would send a poorly written CV to a recruiter and expect to be hired. Marketing your mobile street food business works the same way. Every time you compromise on your branding, you’re compromising on profit.


 For every pitch advertised there’s probably a shit tonne of traders jostling for the job

Appeal to market and festival managers

In the food business, aesthetic is influential to how well you do and catering is as much about theatre as it is about decent grub!

Getting regular work is key to survival and the last thing you want to do is limit your work opportunities by losing the attention of event managers looking for something more outstanding.

A strong brand identity will show organisers that you have spent time and energy grafting to make your business look banging and professional.  For every pitch advertised there’s probably a shit tonne of traders jostling for the job, so standing out from the crowd becomes the most important thing from the moment you click ‘apply’

Vive La Crepe

Start with a logo, colour scheme and font which should be consistent across all of your marketing, including on your gazebo, trailer or van. Use your promo pack to tell the story of where your business came from and what you value, which might be sustainable sourcing, compostable packaging, healthy food, quality food for smaller budgets, family recipes or guilty pleasures.

Use your USP to prove that no matter how many other traders apply for the same food types as you, your business will be the one to get the job done in the most professional, theatrical and exciting way.

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Appeal to customers

Put yourself in your customers shoes, even if you’d heard good reviews about a street food business, if they had a shit website or messy looking stand, you’d probably think twice about spending money there. In this industry, your competitors are frequently just metres from your business and if potential customers doubt you, you’re losing them to the trader next to you.

A strong brand also means your regular customers will recognise you no matter where you’re trading, they’ll follow your social media and they’ll know exactly the kind of business they’ll be supporting, the service they’ll get and the ingredients they’ll be eating.

  • What values do you and your business have?

  • What kind of food are you serving?

  • Whos your target customer?

  • Where and when are you pitching

  • What is your USP

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Getting the work you want!

Getting the work you want!

Pushing Profits

Pushing Profits