Pushing Profits

Pushing Profits

It’s pretty much a given that the summer is by far the most money-spinning time of year.

My time is very important during the busy period “summer” which starts in mid-March and only really lets up in October. One of the most crucial things you can do is find ways be more effective with your mobile food business and maximize your resources during this time. When you streamline right you’ll serve as many customers in as little time as possible next summer.

Reducing your menu and portion sizes won’t put off customers.

You don’t really need to do 100 different dishes to bring the customers in. Instead, you should be offering three or four or even just two different dishes on your menu. Take the time to really perfect just a few dishes and you’ll save yourself a huge amount of time on prep.

Doing this will also reduce your costs that would probably be spent on a higher number of ingredients. Combine that with a sensible decrease in portion sizes and you’ll increase your profit margin. Investigate cheaper, and often more tastier cuts of meat to use. You can introduce more veg into your recipes as well, making your dish healthier for your customers.

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Vive La crepe

Using the right card reader for your business

Make sure you’re using the card reader that works for you there are lots of options out there for start up to small and larger businesses. Each of these companies will bring certain benefits to your business so do some research as fees and costs will make a massive difference to a year’s worth of trading.

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Booking your events and markets well in advance

Creating a calendar or a google spreadsheet is a must. I always use my down time to start booking next year’s events. It’s probably the last thing you want to do straight after Christmas but booking markets and events always start for me in January and February.

Always keep notes on events and markets you’ve done in the past so’s not to book quiet events or even expensive events. One thing I’ve learnt is that an event I done last year won’t always be the same depending on school holidays and weather etc.

5 things to prepare before events

Retaining core staff will make a huge difference to your processes.

All I hear throughout the season is “I’ve got staffing problems” this causes no end of stress, but there are things you can do to build and keep a strong team.

Employing people with experience in the events industry is a must. Street food traders might be able to help you find some reliable workers if you’re struggling. I’ve used Gumtree and Hire Hand and found some great people that will always help out if I’m in their area.

Offering decent rates of pay will give them a reason to want to work for you. Rewarding good performance with thanks and bonuses is a powerful way to motivate staff, just having a laugh on the job will give them reason to love coming to work too.

Preparation prevents piss poor performance

No brainer really, you need to do as much prep at home as possible before your event. If there’s any part of your menu that you can prepare at home, do it! Making sauces and chopping veg can be done before hand and will save you time and money at the event.


Simplifying your set-up and improves workflow

Making your unit flow throughout service will help serve more people, when you’re flat out with a massive queue you don’t want anything unnecessary getting in the way

If you want to make sure that your unit is set up properly and flows like a proper kitchen then set it up somewhere and take note of everything that doesn’t work, your mates might like a bit of street food and a few beers in their back garden on a Saturday night.

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