Does tasty street food become toxic litter?

Does tasty street food become toxic litter?

Who doesn’t love street food?

Most people can’t help digging in to amazing street food, either at a local street food market, festival or event. We have such a thriving and tasty industry that you just can’t help yourselves. You love it because it’s authentic and as the food is being cooked right in front of your eyes and you can be assured its being cook and served safely.

sustainable street food

As more and more traders and food types travel, the publics tastes continue to advance and this is a demand that street food guys get to understand. You may think this demand only relates to the food that’s served but, packaging is now something that is becoming more prominent in people’s minds. (well it’s constantly on my mind when I serve up or eat out)

“Street food has undoubtedly contributed to the growing issue of pollution and waste caused by the food industry as a whole, which rises year on year as a result of an increasingly ‘throwaway society”


david attenborough sustainability

Reducing our plastic, polystyrene and lined coffee cup waste is an ever-growing concern since my old mate David Attenborough inspired the whole nation. Customers are now growing ever conscious of the environment and the impact they make on it.

Being part of the ‘take away’ / ‘eat on the go’ side of the food industry I have been working tirelessly to find better ways of working and sourcing all biodegradable packaging. Whilst we still have very long way to go in terms of how our raw food is packed, there is still plenty to be done to reduce the waste produced by the hospitality industry and home cooks alike.

Littering costs the UK alone £682 million a year but the most terrifying cost attached to unsustainable packaging is environmental. Whilst rubbish can result in drain blockages, water contamination and increasing pest infestations, landfill sites contribute to global warming and create a pollution risk to the homes surrounding them.

Vive La Crepe

I’m pleased to say that over the season I’m not the only one who is striving for a greener street food life. (This is something that every street food trader should be proud of). Event managers and market managers are now requesting proof of where we are purchasing our throw away packaging, ensuring it’s made from recycled materials and most importantly all biodegradable.

Sustainable packaging, sustainable products

As we all demand to know how sustainable our packaging is, we also want to find out more about the source of our food. Gradually, ignorance is being swapped by interest. So many people now shying away from the dreadful realities of fast food, factory farming and genetic modification.

If you are paving the way as a consumer or street food trader in sustainable packaging then great! but it’s also worth accompanying your change with some sustainable produce too. Buying your meat and fish locally and seeking out organic and seasonal fruit and veggies instead of food that has flown thousands of miles for you to eat.

Vive La Crepe Borough market

Slow Food

We had the pleasure of trading at Borough Market this year, who are huge advocates of ‘slow food’ even holding awards for the best in the industry. I was so impressed by the passion around this subject and would love to see the rest of the UK’s events, festivals and markets taking this stance.

“Slow Food is a worldwide movement that supports a low impact approach to food production, with an emphasis on localised traditions and customs”

Borough Market

Choosing a reputable supplier

London Bio Packaging - They’ve been at this since our birthday in 2005. Being part of the solution for the waste crisis is why we started their business.

Enviropack - tends to be a market leader in the supply of a diverse range of eco products for both personal and commercial use

Biopac  - They are dedicated to providing innovative solutions with sustainability and affordability

Vegware - is a manufacturer and visionary brand, the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging

These are just a few suppliers in the UK that are here to help pave the way for a greener world.


Thanks for reading guys, please feel free to leave a comment if you are passionate about this subject.



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