5 things to prepare before events

5 things to prepare before events

Have you recently started up and now ready to get trading?

If this is you then these five tips will make sure that you’re ready to have fun and make a little money along the way. This should give you a little insight to running a mobile food business no matter what the season throws at you.

Don’t let it be a testicle festival!


#1 Have you sorted everything in good time

Save up and buy your resources in advance and make sure your suppliers have the quantities of products to meet your demands, call or email and place your orders in advance. 

Sort your staff in good time that’s if you need staff at all depending on the event you are attending. I leant on the help of friends and family when I first started,  If you need help with staffing then Hire hand can help especially if you’re trading in the London area. Once you have used hire hand take their details for future events, that way you can build a good list of staff.

I have also had great success on gumtree ads, just saying.

Organise somewhere for you to stay, I sometimes use Airbnb but sometimes this can be more expensive than a standard Travelodge. Check out local hostals too, If you don’t mind roughing it then you can always get a tent and camp.  Make sure you explore all avenues before booking.

Get your team and keep in touch with them

Get your team and keep in touch with them

#2 understand the logistics of your operation

Setting up a trail run is always a good idea before your first big event. This can iron out the smallest issue in your speed of service and the efficiency of your stand.

Spending a bit on staff wages for a dry run will save you money later on, as any issues will be addressed in advance of your big event.

#3 Site plan and positioning

Your position on site should be agreed before you set up on site, organisers should provide you with a comprehensive plan to enable you to plan and decide for the event.

Once you have your plan you can then organise how you are going to transport your mobile setup across the event site. With your plan the event organiser should give you a rough guide to how many people will attend the event.

Always ask your event organiser how many hot food traders there are, that way you can divide how many customers they say there will be between hot food traders giving you a rough idea how many people you are going to cater for. I would always take the organisers footfall with a pitch of salt a take-off 20%.

Ensure there is power (if you don’t have a generator) and potable water access

festival map

#4 Always keep stock

If you have traded before, then keep a log of what you sold to how many people. I always keep a spreadsheet of your events, food cost, pitch fee and expenses as a minimum. The footfall and how many food traders there where. 

Set your objectives for what you want to achieve at the event and encourage your staff to reach them.  Keep hold of the data you capture in the summer as it can be very telling in the future if sales begin to drop.

#5 Be prepared to change on the day

Being able to think on your feet is really important and adapting quickly will be the best way to save the show. Make sure you have enough resources on site should you need to sell more food items to secure your expected profit to pay your staff.

My overall advice is this: every event is different so be prepared for the unexpected and remember that not every event is a success, oh and make sure you have fun!!

testicle festival
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