10 ways to make your Street Food Stall stand out

10 ways to make your Street Food Stall stand out

Ever wanted to be out standing in a field?

Over the last few years I have tried lots of different things to stand out in a field full of street food traders most of which are trying to stand out too. There are some amazing and colourful street food stands throughout the UK, you’ve just got to try and keep up. Have you ever seen the Hip Hop Chip Shop?

I have compiled 10 handy tips and suggestions to ensure you keep up with your fellow traders.

#1 Make your front sign pop!

Once you have your branding/logo, make it clear what you are selling. I know what you thinking “this is obvious” but the sheer amount of food traders I see that don’t have a clear sign of what they are selling is staggering. Normally it’s the name of the company which isn’t always clear what the product is

Get a professional to print or make it, lets be honest your food is amazing but designing and printing is probs not your forte.  The bigger the better but remember you’ll have to build it and break it down at every show so make it manageable.

Street Food Stand UK


#2 Let the smell do the talking

Have you ever walked past a sweet crepe cooking, the smell of onions caramelising or bacon cooking early in the morning? It’s almost impossible to keep walking without having a look.

#3 Show people what you’ve got  

As a crepe stand it’s the main event showing off how to make crepes is an instant draw, the more theatrical the better. Organise your stand in a way that shows off your cooking skills, people love to see how their food is being made, throw in some flair while your there.

If this is impractical then cook of some or all of your dishes and display then on a nice wooden chopping board for passing customers to see. We all eat with our eyes, right?

Continue the theme of your product within your stand, use hanging baskets for fruit, hang your garlic or chilli, use tasteful vinyl tablecloths.

Crepe unit.jpeg


#4 Make your menu clear

This is very important, making your menu big and clear will help to tell the customer what you have to offer. Not everyone has the confidence to just walk up to you as ask what you’ve got, a lot of people like to peruse the menu from afar, before they commit to buying a product.

Indicating what is veggie, vegan and gluten free will go a very long way.

 #5 Create a brand standard

I realise this sound boring and very corporate but it does work. Once you have your logo and fonts paste it across everything to stay consistent, on your menu, signs, website, social media and packaging materials. Make sure its sticks in people’s minds.

#6 Use signs to show people all the good things you do.

Do you use local, organic produce? Are you the greenest food stand in the UK? Do you donate to a charity close to your heart? Do you provide jobs to disadvantaged people?

If so then tell your customers about it through signage, show them the reason they should be buying from you.

Crepe street food stand UK food event


#7 Create names for your dishes and products

Some of the crepes on our menu have funny names, puns or jokes. This should get your customers looking at the menu or at the very least talking about it. People love to order something just because it has a weird name.


#9 Get lit

Light up your stand inside and out, when the sun goes down you will just disappear into the night. Make sure your sign, menus and the inside a fully lit up. People are like moths, get creative with your lights and draw them in!

Manchester food event near me

#10 Keep your queue moving

We all love a queue let’s be honest, but no one likes a queue that’s not moving. There’s nothing worse than your mates getting their food before you from other stands.

When we have long queues at our stand it’s difficult to know how long your customers have been waiting. I always ask people how long they have waited before changing to a different way of working.  If your operation permits you, take orders and money and move customers to one side. You will need to ensure your mobile operation flows from order to cooking to serving. The smother your operation the better.

If you’ve had some wins over the years let us know in the comments below, it’s always good to here what works and what doesn’t.

Cheers ;)


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