The Story So Far: Chapter ll

The Story So Far: Chapter ll

On The Road

In the Summer of 2015 we were still loving our sweet regular pitch at Horsham. Things were going well and we started looking at new adventures. Considering that our beloved van has travelled 14,700 miles in 2017 alone, you could say we definitely got the taste for it.

one thing we love about festival work is being in the road!

We started out close to home at Horsham’s Big Nibble. This awesome festival focuses on local produce in the heart of West Sussex and showing the very best the local area has to offer.

Next, came Coulsdon Yulefest, a community-led Christmas market. This had a real community vibe to it – set up by a handful of volunteers from local groups, businesses and residents.

There’s something our chef Steve likes to say when he’s had a couple of Dark’n’Stormys – “I couldn’t stop after I’d got the flavour”. This is true of how Steve ends up spinning crêpes on a dreadful hangover, and its true of how Vive La Crêpe ended up on the road: we got the flavour.

Our regular face Steve how you’ll see spinning crepes all year round.

I’ve always loved travelling. I made my career moving across the UK and France, and as soon as I get time away from the market I’m straight off to sip a cold beer on a hot beach. The UK might not have the sun and sea but I fell in love with life on the road, showcasing crêpes all over the country and discovering amazing markets and traders along the way.

Sipping cold beer on a hot beach in India.

2016 began and we had a calendar full of back-to-back festivals all over the UK. We started working with Foodies festival in 2016 doing shows in Brighton and Bristol. We continue to work with Sue – the founder – and have had so many incredible experiences in the process. The vibe is a bit of the family-friendly fun we were used to from local markets but on a massive scale, with Michelin star chefs coming down to give masterclasses.

Our new look for the 2016 summer season

Next we travelled from all the way south to one of our favourite northern cities: Manchester. We span crêpes at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival in 2016 – the UK’s largest urban food and drink festival. We loved this huge festival, so much that we returned again this year for their 20th anniversary.

Our Margherita is a top seller in Manchester

So 2016 was the year when we got itchy feet and started our travelling foodie adventure. It was a year full of meeting awesome people, eating incredible food, and getting really fast at setting up our stand only to pack it all back into the van (seriously, it’s like Tetris with Crêpe machines). These are a couple of our highlights, but there are so many more stories to tell from 2017 – stay tuned for the next chapter…

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Flippin' Brilliant

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