Flippin' Brilliant

Flippin' Brilliant

Not Just a pancake….

Believe it or not the crêpe originated in Bretagne (Brittany), France. This isolated region on the Western tip of France is surrounded by harsh rocky coastline and home to very few crops, until the arrival of Buckwheat from southwest China and the Himalayan region in the 12th century.

Breton’s couldn't get enough of the high protein, high fibre grain and ground it down and mixed it with water and a pinch of salt…. Et voila, batter!


Slinging a bit of butter with the buckwheat batter was then poured onto a hot plate and spread out with a small wooden rake to form a flat circle (although I like to use a metal spreader these days).

Then cooked for about 60 seconds on either side and filled with whatever the crêpier wanted. Fillings in the 1100’s pretty much consisted  of fresh lemon juice, sugar, eggs, cheese and cured meat. This was normally washed down with a cup of Bretagne’s crisp, apple cider.

Just like the early Bretons, we prefer our crepes with eggs, bacon and cheese too

Just like the early Bretons, we prefer our crepes with eggs, bacon and cheese too

2nd February: Day of the crêpe

The popularity of the crêpe spread across France until the 2nd February became a cultural significant day on the French calendar known as ‘le jour des crêpes’, also known as the Virgin Mary’s Blessing day (La Chandeleur) the return of the light, the date commemorates the winter’s decline and the coming light of the spring. Families celebrate this moment with a meal of crêpes together.

According to legend, if you hold a coin in your writing hand and a frying pan in your other, flip a crêpe and it lands flat, your family will be prosperous that year.


Crêpes now!

The crêpe is now a very popular treat across the world, thinner and crispier than the traditional British pancake, a noticeable rise in mobile crêperie’s across the UK have popped up over the years and like us these businesses are really changing the face of the traditional fillings you used to find, including pepperoni, goats’ cheese, chilli, toffee, fruits, cookies and cream. (but not all in the same crepe)

nutella crepes

Ever fancied being a crêpe master?

Here are a couple of useful and best pieces of equipment that will help you on your way to starting your first mobile creperie.

Essential utensils to get you going

  • Krampouz Oil-Butter Spreader/Cleaning Pad

    Efficient and hygienic, Cleans and greases griddle quickly Withstands heat and abrasion, Comes with a reversible felt,

  • Crepe Spreader

    Available in 180mm & 220mm

  • Crepe Spatula

    We use the model with effective size 400mm, overall size 500mm

For outside use

Krampouz gas crepe machines are by far the best you can buy, reliable and built to last as long as you get an engineer to check and certify it every year.

Although be careful as the dial on the machine that shows the temperature tends to fall off, and I’m struggling to find where to buy replacements.

You can pick them up on Amazon, eBay, Nisbets or Shop-equip

For indoor events

I have tried electric Krampouz machines but have found they can be a bit temperamental for indoor mobile event stand. Never the less when they work they’re great.

I have found that Buffalo machines worked for me. Although the handles can be a bit space consuming.

Again you can pick them up on Amazon, eBay, Nisbets or Shop-equip

Fancy trying it at home?

Although this crepe maker is a lot smaller than the industrial machines and you won’t get professional results, this little pack is perfect for Sunday morning crepes. It comes with all the utensils you need.

This set is super cheap and a great way to learn how to spin crepes

If you guys have any suggestions then please feel free to drop us a comment. Until then Happy Crepe’in

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