Ideal home show / eat and drink festival 2018

Ideal home show / eat and drink festival 2018

The Eat & Drink Festival – Media 10 Ltd


The first thing to be said about Media 10 is they are a large company that run many events throughout the UK. They are an organised company and their events generally go off very well. Media 10 have an inhouse health and safety team who work very closely with you and the attention to detail is impressive.


The Event

The Eat and Drink festival which is part of the Ideal home show in Olympia takes place on the upper floor and they do well to lay it out like an outdoor food festival. Over the 17 days they showcase celebrity chefs and have masterclasses in cocktails and drink making. They also have live music in the form of a busking stand which is a bit hit and miss.



Service and Positioning

The Sales team seems quite unstable with event managers leaving often, so we have dealt with a few different people. Make sure you meet an event manager at the show to discuss exactly what pitch you are going to get as the position of your food stand might affect your potential sales.


The Footfall

We were informed that the footfall was over 250,000 and it certainly felt like it, although Media 10 had added a lot more food traders from the previous year so the business was spread out quite thin. Lunchtimes are very busy and if you have an exciting, tasty and healthy product you should do well. Late night shopping kicks in on Thursdays until 8pm but if we’re honest it feels like a waste of time to the point that they shut the food festival at around 7pm.

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 The Cost

The price of a stands is very pricy and Olympia adds their concession fees as well. Do not sign anything if you are not happy with it or if you’re not sure if you can meet payments. Ensure you make payments on time otherwise they become very threatening and try to scare you with legal action, there lack of customer service can be very frustrating at times. Be aware that the company that deal with the power are very expensive and not willing to negotiate and are quite unhelpful at times.


 Build and Break

When building and breaking down make sure you adhere to your timings as it can get very busy the parking slots are very strict.

As far as traders that we have spoken to it’s been a very mixed bag. I believe this is down to customer service on media 10 part

Footfall: 8/10

Service: 3/10

Pitch fee: 4/10

Verdict: 3 stars

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 You can contact Media 10 Ltd Call 020 3225 5284 or enquire here.

Twitter accounts: @Eat_Drink_Fest

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